Planning a Cross Country Road Trip

The open road is a freeing place. You can just get on the highway and take off to where it happens to wind. Traveling interstate to interstate and seeing all the marvels America has to offer. America was built upon exploring the hills and valleys around it. But, while there is something to be said about just cruising to cruise, even the most intrepid of adventurers had a guide and you should as well. This article will cover how to plan for a trip and what to prioritize for a road trip.

First and foremost, plan your route. You can do this with any number of travel apps on your phone. An App like Waze for example can be your best friend on the road. Waze will not only route your trip, it’ll also give you up to minute traffic updates, including traffic jams, slow down or even warnings of objects in the roads. You can also get information on various attractions in your area via Waze. If you don’t have a smart phone, make sure and plot your information the good ol’ fashion way, a map. A back up map is also useful, just in case. If you’re traveling with friends or family, make sure you do something everyone can enjoy and plot your trip accordingly. Be mindful of rest stops and gas stations because those miles can just fly by!

Something else to bear in mind, especially if you have little children along for the ride, is making sure everyone stays entertained. Games, DVDs, CD players or smart phones, utilize any of that. If you don’t have access to those, car games work just as well. License plate bingo or even a game of “words.” This is a game where you go around the car and each person says a word and the next person follows it up with another word to make sense. You keep going till you can’t anymore. Another classic game is I Spy. The driver might be at a little disadvantage but it’s still fun.

A key component of road trips is safety. You need to have everything up to date in your car. Get your engine serviced along with an oil change. Check the tire pressure and ensure you have a fresh spare tire, as well as a donut if you have the room. A new jack and tire pressure gauge will also assist you. A road side equipment bag is helpful too. Road flares, cones, and flashlights would also be of use.

The final part of a well planned road trip: food and drinks. There are so many great places to eat near the road. There are also some not so great places to eat. Once again, a little research can be your friend. You can ask the locals if you happen to be staying in a hotel or maybe take a little trip to websites like Yelp to find out if a place is lovely eatery or local dive bar. You’d be surprised how often the two are confused. Simply follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to an amazing road trip!