Factors For Determining What the Top Motorcycle Is

There are a number of factors that are used in determining what the top motorcycle is and it’s sometimes a difficult task to take on because of the large number of motorcycle types, makes, and models available on the market today. A few of the different factors used in determining the top motorcycle will be described here.First of all, before you begin to weed through the options available for the top motorcycle spot, you really have to separate the different bikes out into their distinct categories. Most motorcycles can be placed into one of two general categories, the sport bike, and the cruiser. There are other categories of motorcycle, but for the sake of picking the top bike, it’s generally a good idea to have less categories than more so you don’t have a bunch of motorcycles on the list, and no solid decision on which is the best.Once you have sorted through the list of candidates for the top motorcycle spot in each category, then you can begin to list the different highlights of each motorcycle which include a number of different factors. Some of those factors include performance, design, popularity, and more.A motorcycles performance will play a large role in determining where it falls in the list of top motorcycles for the year. Obviously, a motorcycle that out performs most of the competition will appear higher in the list as long as it also rates well in the different categories. Performance can be measured in a number of ways which include the way the motorcycle handles in different situations, road tests, etc. Performance can also be measured with statistical data such as the max speed, gas mileage, engine displacement, torque, horsepower, and much more. These are all factors of performance which can be used in determining which is the top motorcycle.Another factor is design. A well designed motorcycle will that can also perform well will have a much better chance of reaching that top spot than a motorcycle with a poor design and good performance. The reason being is because the appeal of a motorcycle is also very important to riders, and those bikes that look well, rank high. Design does not just include the look of the motorcycle, it also includes the layout of the controls, the positioning of the seat and how the rider is situated on the bike. It includes the way the bike is built and whether or not the bike feels good when you’re riding it. These are just a few factors that are considered when rating the design of a motorcycle.Popularity plays a huge role in the decision of which motorcycle is the top motorcycle on the market. Brand preference and loyalty can also have a hand in the popularity because of the fact that those who are loyal to any one specific brand are going to stick to that brand in most situations. So the most popular motorcycle will likely get the votes for that top spot if it performs well, and is designed well at the same time.