Security For Wireless Routers – Not Wireless Secure – What’s the Worst That Could Happen?

Having the ability to go wireless in your home or at the office is a great feature to have. The freedom to roam your house from room to room, or even sit under the palm tree of your garden on a hot sunny day, proves there’s no going back from wireless. Not only is it the freedom to be mobile, but also leaving your house wired free, and not having to route cables through drilled walls, shows another area where wireless is too good to miss out on. However, because of the nature of the technology, wireless has a number of security issues we must be aware of.

A neighbour, hacker or someone just by your home can easily detect your wireless signals and attempt to connect to your wireless access point. This is because wireless uses radio frequency and data travels through the air, though they do not need physical access to your router.

So let’s get to the point. How bad could it be not implementing any wireless security?

The common stressing points we hear everyday regarding wireless security is the ability that an evil doer can easily sniff data, coming and going to your wireless access point. Also they will have the ability to use your router to browse the web just as you do… using your bandwidth.

It doesn’t really sound that bad… Does it?

Well how about if your neighbours or anyone on the street outside your home were using your wireless access point and taking part in illegal downloads, visiting illegal websites and generally using the web for criminal activity. Who do you think would get the blame? When you have the FBI busting through your door, and you’re quick to think your children are not as innocent as they claim to be, it may be a mountain for you to climb out of at this point.

The illegal downloads and criminal activity that was occurring from the next house on, was all under your ID. They were using your access point which from the ISP point of view was coming from your home.

To add to this, in a couple of months time when your bank statement arrives through the door showing you spent £3000 on a new TV, as well as purchasing a set of Golf clubs, it may just all be too late by then. A hacker could have easily sat outside your home and sniffed your bank details or any other confidential details you may have used when online, all from the comfort of their car or home.  All they need is a wireless laptop to do this, and sit within a range of your wireless router, in other words somewhere outside your house!

Now this also goes for businesses with wireless access points as well and not just for home users. In fact it is so much more crucial for businesses because a hacker can break into their network via the access point, hacking into company confidential data!

Therefore wireless security today is crucial for all the reasons above. Identity theft today is on the rise, and hackers will go the distance looking for insecure wireless access points. For this reason you should take the time and ensure you have a secure wireless network.

Telemetry Systems – The Wireless Data Collection System That Is Critical To Your Company’s Success!

Telemetry system are those which remotely monitor and distribute information. Telemetry has its roots in tele (meaning remote) and metron (meaning measure). Telemetry systems are used in larger systems which need external data collection.Telemetry systems often relate to data transferring through wireless means, but it also refers to information sent through other networks such as computers or telephones. The advancements in global communications and the decreasing costs are being utilized by telemetry information systems.

This system has a wide variety of applications and span across many fields. In law enforcement, it is used for tracking individuals and various properties. A person wearing an ankle bracelet reporting information to authorities as to their location is an example of telemetry information. Telemetry systems are also used in law enforcement in “bugs” and tracking tools, such as when police create bait cars for stolen vehicle sting operations. The vehicle has cameras and tracking devices which allows authorities to monitor the car and driver. It is used when tracking suspects or wiretaps and surveillance as part of major crime investigations.

These systems can be used in warehouses and allow shippers and receivers in the warehouse to remotely scan product bar-codes and manually input information via hand-held devices and the information is automatically sent to a central system. This optimizes labor and time.Telemetry systems are heavily used in military and defense during reconnaissance and monitoring situations. As an example, and unmanned spy plane may fly above enemy territory and take pictures determining weapon building or storage or troop placement. This information can be remotely sent to a location, processed and analyzed.

Telemetry systems are used in vehicle impact tests and can monitor all data during these procedures. Such as speed versus impact damage on vehicles or test dummies – what injuries would have been sustained by a human to their head or torso in a simulated crash. Telemetry systems will allow manufacturers to analyze data and determine where to best place safety tools such as reinforcement beams and airbags.Telemetry system products will vary depending on the company delivering them and the needs of the client. It will range from software to hardware, interfaces and supported networks. It will be unique to the requirements and the data sought after.

Examples of telemetry equipment are, as also stated above, hand held bar code scanners used in inventory management; the unmanned spy planes remotely operated and used in reconnaissance missions; the impact measurement devices placed on test dummies in car crash simulations. Telemetry equipment is used in a vast array of everyday practices. Weather balloons gathering information to determine forecasts; in sporting events; cameras used to record play and be replayed for officiating needs; sensors placed in underground holding tanks, measuring levels and temperature and pressure of flammable liquid and gases.

Telemetry equipment is every information field processing vast amounts of data and then manipulating and analyzing the data in a central location. During a car race, speeds and velocity and turning performance and driver body temperatures are all collected and sent to a central location to be analyzed; vending machines selling chocolate bars and soft drinks can send sales data to the vendor, preventing the needs for unnecessary trips and allowing for proper inventory management.Telemetry systems are used in medical fields in hospitals and clinics; it is used in city infrastructure such was water delivery and traffic recording. It is not only used in business elements but in areas which affect our daily living and safety and protection. Telemetry systems tools remotely gather information and it is an important and key part of our daily existence.